Phillies Fashion Show 2012

The Phillies Fashion Show, or the Shane Victorino Fashion Show as it is technically called, has become one of my favorite Phillies shoots that I do.  I first shot it in 2010, then again in 2011 and last week I shot the 2012 Shane Fashion Show. Shane, his family and his foundation make this event better and better every year.  It’s held at the old-school swanky Union League and after three years, they found an even better way to set up the runway part of the evening which made for some great photos.

I shot it for WPHL and all my photos can be found here, but here’s a short gallery of my favorites.

I have grown to like the fashion show for lots of reasons.   First, it gets killer numbers.  People really like to look at this stuff. Anyone that produces anything likes when their material gets eyeballs. Phils Fashion show gets eyeballs. Second, it’s an off-field look at a team that will be remembered in Philadelphia for ever. There is so much over-saturation when it comes to in game footage and coverage, but alt-events like this are more rare.  I think 20, 40, 50 years from now… images like the ones from fashion show will be more interesting than some of the shots we are so used to seeing.  (I think of seeing Richie Ashburn and guys like that in their 50’s regular guy clothes. neat.)  Lastly, It’s a really challenging shoot and that just makes you better.  If they were easy, everyone would be able to do it  I have gotten better at this one every year and I really look forward to it now, although, given the current state of our Fightin’s… it’s a good bet Shane could get traded.  I hope not for more reasons than the fashion show.

I also got some kind words from a blog that also likes the Phils Fashion Show, albeit for different reasons.