Christmas 2012

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… or so they say.  Christmas 2012 was just so, so for me.  Maybe I am too old to catch the Christmas spirit now?  In years past when I have a hard time catching the Xmas Express– I watch A Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve, (the 1930s one).  Since Netflix decided to give me the gift of NOT WORKING this Christmas Eve– that didn’t happen either.  I still woke up hoping to drop a farthing on a neighborhood kid to go to the butcher and bring me the finest goose– but you can’t trust the kids in my neighborhood with a farthing these days…

The best time I had in Christmas 2012 was hanging with these people.  My family.  Here’s some photos and a short movie I did of my niece and nephew. I am going to do it every year and see how their answers evolve.  Thanks James Lipton for the inspiration…  Feliz Navidad….  Special thanks to my girl cousins for classing up the photos!  Maybe next year we can get the Aunts generation to step up!

Christmas 2012 from tony romeo on Vimeo.