And I would run 500 Miles…

“And I would run 500 more, just to be the man who”— well, you get the idea!  Against pretty bad odds, I hit my 500 running miles for the year goal with just days to spare in 2014.  This makes 3 out of the last 4 years that I hit it.  The change of clocks, no daylight, coupled with the cold are always obstacles those of us that live in the northeast deal with.  This year I had a few personal setbacks that making this goal that much sweeter.  First, in the last 100 yards of the Broad Street Run in May I pulled a muscle in my calf. (Sprinting for photos at the end. SUCH a bad idea.  As a photographer and a runner– bad, bad, bad.) That injury cost me three full weeks plus a week or two of mediocre activity.  Then again in October I fell and badly bruised my ribs when my brand new socks slipped on my steps in the middle of the night. (How old am I!? Jesus!). That was another 3 weeks plus.  And don’t even get me started on what work is like this month for the TV station I work for.


So I entered a cold and dark December needing more miles to get to 500 than I was comfortable. But? A few mild days, and a lucky work schedule that let me sneak in a few, I got decent miles in December and hit my goal of 500. I think I have two more December days and might actually beat an earlier month.

Thanks to NikePlus for logging the miles for me, and their tech crew for fixing data. Thanks to FALL RUNNING MIX. Thanks to God for putting the run bug in me.  Thanks to my running friends for the inspiration and my family and friends that inspire me and never complain if I show up to things looking like I just ran 6 miles… sometimes I did!
Here are some Running Selfies from the Year. I run about 200 times so it’s really not THAT many.  And truth be told, these are after really hard runs due to weather, injury, mileage, etc.  See you on the trail…

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