Flying Fish with Weekend Philler Spot with my homies

What’s the point in producing for a TV show if you can’t sneak your friends and family into shots and spots.  For those that are new to my page, I produce and host a shot on PHL17 in Philadelphia called Weekend Philler.  Spots like these make up the show on a whole range of topics.   When you make TV– it’s customary to get clearence for each and every individual that appears on film.  Especially when they are drinking.  SO, for this one I used some friends and family in the crowd shots.  Some even spoke!  So thanks to Eric Romolini, Steve Yaroch, Jim Beach,  Al Vitale, Lee Garrity and Bruce Augustine for classing up this spot for me!  I am super, duper proud of it….

And of course thanks for the outtakes that I can never let see the light of day.  Since there is some “grown up language in here– this one is password protected.

See you next time.