Best Party at 133 EVER

I did not know it at the time, as back in these days, my life just had a lucky happenstance to it.  I only planned to go to party at Luciens to re-celebrate the island wedding of Keith Wolfram and Christie Wolfram.  As I left the party, the doorman told me that many of the guests were retiring to an after-party at an address that was very familiar.  MINE!  So, before some of the guests I didn’t know I was having, and after a few others I arrived at my home.  What followed was the best party I think 133 ever saw… and there have been a lot of good ones.  This was the party that I made the Fluffers album cover after (Scroll Below Gallery).  Happy Trails to all attended.  I am not planning to revisit this get together in 2011 for the Wolfram’s 5th anniversary.  But maybe another quality get together will just happen spontaneous and unplanned…

fluff2 fluf1

I am not sure if it is readable… but their record label is “Don’t Remember Being a VIRGIN Records and Tapes.”  Good Times!  And good photoshop by me!

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