Romeo Abides

I am on a major rediscovery/revival of the movie The Big Lebowski. I have recently been the victim of a really, REALLY, shitty financial situation. (Which I will blog about soon. (short version, been victimized by a white collar crime.)) Anyway, in times of great stress like this in life. I like to turn to this film…because really…it’s all there.

When someone fucks with me hardcore like this…my initial reaction is to react like WALTER would in the movie…

But 99 times out of 100, the “Walter Approach” is gonna get you either nowhere fast, or maybe even worse trouble then you are already in. So, the challenge? You want to resist that temptation, and try and “take ‘er easy like the DUDE.” (That is what that film is really about, the yin-yang balance of Walter and Dude.) Let Karma run its course, and before you know it, things will be rollin’ your way again.


Much easier said then done, especially in the case I am in… But this scumbag that fucked me over is gonna get his, be it fate, be it karma, divine retribution…

Or maybe even Jesus? (nobody fucks with da jesus!)

Look for the full blog about what happened to me soon, and if you have not seen Lebowski ever, or in a while, get yourself a pile of beers and drink them while you watch it! It’s good for what ails you…

JULY 25th, 2007 UDPATE!!!!
If you read the last (Lebowski) post, you read about the financial stuff that happened to me. Or at least you heard me allude to it, and say that I couldn’t mention it by name. SO, I said, karma will run it’s course. And this morning, I found out that KARMA did… Here is the story about the creep that ripped off me, and lots of others. His name is Glyn Richards, He had a fake business called All Freight Logistics, and he stole alot of money from a lot of people… He lived in Voorhees and then Haddon Heights. And tonight, he lives at a Camden County Correctional Facility… (CBS link expired).

Thanks to the great people in law enforcement that investigated this, esp. the folks at the CC prosecutor, and some great personal friends in law enforcement that helped me out with advice and direction (Berlin PD, Voorhees PD, and the NJSP.) It’s nice to have friends.

Thanks lastly to my friends and family. The amount of $$ I lost to this arse clown, I never thought I’d make it. But I did. And slowly but surely, the financial aspect of the loss lessens, and life goes back to normal. But not without the help of all of you that are helping me find normal again, and I thank you all. (You know who you are.) All of you and The Dude, and Karma, and Jesus Q (Nobody F’s with…), and The Stranger…etc!!

Take ‘er Easy

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