The 999 Baseball Challenge


For those of you that do not know, the 999, or Nine-Nine-Nine is simple enough. You take one ordinary baseball game, and each inning, you drink one beer and eat one hot dog. Simple Enough, right?!


Something about the pace, or the bread, or the alcohol or the combination makes this feat one that is often attempted, but very rarely completed successfully. On Sunday July 25, 2007 at the Beach Compound, (home of Jim Beach) several attempts at the “Niner” are going to be attempted in unison. At the inaugural season of Citizens Bank Park, the feat was attempted, unsuccessfully, by one member of the 999 challenge field. Perhaps thinking there is motivation in numbers another attempt will take place. Check back here to see the results of the effort. For now, with all apologies to the 1956 Topps Baseball Set, please enjoy the confirmed players 999 trading cards… COLLECT THEM ALL! Come out and support these fine, fine athletes as they attempt to make history…

I made the above images in modeled after the 1956 Topps set.  I always said baseball cards taught me everything I know about graphic art!  Each person was filtered to look old timey and placed on a vintage ballpark background.  The billboards were then swapped out to reflect the beer of their choice.


June 4, 2008 Update!

As we know, the field below fell short.  Jim and Keith came the closest.  But in the elusive “Sasquatch of Baseball Eating Feats” there really are no losers, just degrees of winning.  At the end of the day, you ate too much and drank too much with your buddies.  Perfect Game.


9 thoughts on “The 999 Baseball Challenge

  1. give me $50 on the good looking gappy tooth bastard with the Miller High Life!

  2. The Wolfram kid looks like his cheeks are already filled with hot dogs, I think he’s cheating!!

  3. Notin wrong wit da ‘Sharks, ho. Yo man should go home and bitch slap yo ass fo speakins such bullshit.

  4. Great site…..

    Needs more pictures of the Fluffer D-Cup Killa and her friends…….

  5. we had a drop out by the butler kid early this morning. we’re down to 5 determined 999ers. all participants going strong at the 6th inning. wolf ended the 8th inning and the beach kid made it half way through the ninth. good effort by all those involved!!! picture show to follow.

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