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(This is a post of the email I sent to my friends about the new job. I got a lot of really funny feedback, so I reposted it here…)

Hello! I have dumped my email address book to see how many of you are still at these emails because I am going to be losing one of my longest running emails. tromeo(@) As my ninth year there was just beginning at my old company, an amazing and new opportunity found its way to my lap. (Special thanks to the special lady that sent it there and please visit my lap again soon!)

ANYWAY… Starting Sept. 5, I will be working for a full service advertising agency in Montgomery County PA. They are so full service that they have an Interactive Department and I will be the new Director of Interactive Marketing. This was really an offer I couldn’t refuse. It mixes all the new marketing that I really love, with another dream of ad agency work, and the chance to work with web designers and copywriters, (two jobs I have had, and enjoyed alot, and liked the other people that do those jobs). I was starting to feel like a really old multimedia guy, but I feel like a pretty young director. Not as young as Speilberg in Jaws, or Welles in Citizen Kane, but rejuvinated none the less and full of some, what I hope, are good ideas!

That’s the good news. The bad is that it’s pretty far away, (75 miles) with no real good way to go as far as traffic. At first I will commute, but I am open to suggestions that anyone might have. Be it driving directions, friends or family that might want to rent me a room or an apartment in Montgomery County or close to it, people that want to move to montgo, or SAFE reliable people that might want to rent my place in Berlin for a while. (I am trying not to sell it in this market, or ever really. 133 is my retirement home!) So please I am dead serious, any suggestions, I’d love to hear it. (For the record, I already got the “shack up with an AMISH CHICK like Harrison Ford in WITNESS idea…” I like it…and I’ll work on that.) For those that don’t know, Montgomery County IS THAT farmy.

So thanks for all your support, esp. those that I discussed this career move with, it is great to have awesome friends and fam. It wasn’t an easy choice, and I am fully aware I could full flat on my face, burn out, or just not like it. But I am gonna give it a try because the things I regret in life aren’t the things I did…they are the things I didn’t do.



2 thoughts on “New Job in PA

  1. And just HOW is the job going? Have you shacked up with an Amish (pronounced AME-ISH) chick yet?

  2. No, I can’t say that I have. I have certainly seen more then my share of TEETS that have turned my head in the beautiful PA countryside, but no.

    PS. Montgomery County is pretty farmy, and real rural, but not Amish, even though the picture I chose makes people think that. It’s religious up here, but not AMISH. I will update about the job soon! Thanks…

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