Cameo TV and Me…continued

When I starred in UBER PHILLIES FAN 5 second promo, I really thought that was top of the cameo tv mountain for me.  It greatly surpassed my efforts in Man Walking Poorlymy torso spot and my hands spot.  I was more then ready and able to fade into the sunset.

Then the unimaginable happened.  ACTUAL VOICE OVER!  Myphl17’s own Chris Schaefer thought it might be interesting for me to voice over his Phillies Mets script for an on-air promo.  So?  Off to the recording studio we went.  And YES, myphl17 has a recording studio.  It looks like the one in BOOGIE NIGHTS circa 1977, but it’s a recording studio none the less.  And all kidding aside, Chris is really good at producing TV!  You basically sit back and say what he says to say, the way he says to say it.  That simple!  Below is the finished product, and way below is the very funny mp3 of the entire session.  Complete with curse words and goofs! This promo will air April 28 – May 3rd on myphl17 and nbc10 in Philadelphia. Check back for exact times as I will post them when I know.

Again, thanks to Chris Schaefer, if you listen to the Mp3 of the entire session, you really hear that he is the one making it happen. I am just an untrained monkey talking like he tells me to talk…
“Double You ENNNNNNNN Bee Ceee.” HA HA.


14 thoughts on “Cameo TV and Me…continued

  1. Way to go Tony! One of these days we’ll see that wonderful mug of yours to go with that golden voice! 🙂

  2. Good stuff, Tony. You sound quite the professional voice-overer. That can’t be a word?
    Don Lafontaine, eat your heart out.

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