Don’t Hate the Player

So I got to go and cover the fledgling Philadelphia Passion Lingerie Football Team Tryouts. “Cover” in my world sometimes means to make photo galleries of the day and arrange them is such a way that creates internet traffic. That is what Web Producers do. They make web decisions about content that they think will “move the needle” in terms of site traffic. The galleries I produced did just that. The galleries are moving at record pace today. Amidst that cavalcade of traffic however, came a small trickle of negative emails from women. Some women I know personally. Some read like this:

Dear Romeo:


And that was probably the nicest one I got.

They came from some women I knew and respected and some women I didn’t. But they had enough of the same flavor that I feel I hit a nerve. I guess you don’t know where the line is until you cross it, and maybe I did. So the gallery is still there, but I toned it down a notch based on some input from ladydom. Not that is was ever even close to anything worse then PG, I think women were just offended that I would use images that presented the ladies of the Women’s Lingerie Football League as any less then, ummm, the sum of their parts! 😉

So, we scaled back the racier ones. To the detriment of moving the traffic needle to be sure. The game of the internet is moving that needle. Hate that game. Not this player, and sorry if I offended anyone!

2 thoughts on “Don’t Hate the Player

  1. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, huh, Tony? Or I should say the never ending battle of paycheck and morality/ethics. The fact that the even took place is something to be upset about, and, of course, the fact that you are willing to photograph this kind of racey event will upset women. Some you may know…some you dont. As a woman, I can see how why they would email you their “concerns.” The epic battle of being seen as a sex object to men (cause CLEARLY this “tryout’s” goal was to target male traffic to the site) is one that women forever fight. What women who get offended need to realize is that the women to went to the try out and allowed themselves to get photographed make this battle that much harder. It’s hard because these young (probably less moral) women have this “if you have it, flaunt it” mentality. What I think may have prompted this reaction is probably the fact that you shocked them by allowing your boss to assign you such a task. I mean are they really that desperate that they HAVE to put more then 1/2 naked women on the site? Isn’t there a better way then sex to drive traffic? Also, would you loose your job/paycheck if you said “No” to “covering” the story? How far are you willing to go for a job??

    I know that you are a great guy and that you love your job. You are one of the most dedicated employees I have ever met. I appreciate your willingness to work with the complaints that were sent your way, and accommodate them as well as your boss. Just ask yourself, “How far am I willing to go to get a paycheck?” or “Is this assignment worth more then the relationships with my friend and family?” Ask them especially if you know it is a “racier” project.

  2. Tony,
    I wouldn’t be so hard on yourself. While watching the news over the weekend there was a feature on “Selecting the Best Swimsuit”. It was presented by a female reporter interviewing a female retailer showing female models. As they talked about each suit type and what body part they “helped or hid” they showed close up shots of the model’s, um, assets – both upper and lower. Trust me, the suits showed way more body parts than any of your pictures did and this was video on tv during daytime hours. The women who went out for the lingerie football league and swimsuit models know they are being photographed and choose to participate. Personally, I think the piggy picture was funny…anyone who knows you, knows that you respect the women in your life and those you meet on a casual basis. It was all in fun, maybe everyone needs to lighten up a bit! Keep up the great work – want to see more of you on PHL17!

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