Rocking Part 2!

SO, a great way to while away the weekend hours when you decide to break-up with your cable TV provider is; ROCKBAND NIGHT!  What we lost in cuteness of my first band effort, (see Are You Ready to Rock 1 ), we made up for in the number and intensity of the rockers!  Biggest Crowd Yet!!  We were like the white Commodores, minus of course the talent and the fashion sense!  A good time was had by all.

Next time I will do playlists to cut down the wait time and confusion.  (It was like being a preschool teacher for kids in their 30’s that were all drunk.  OKAY, EVERYONE…attention…HIT GREEN… OK…OK…EVERYONE, I need you to focus an NOT hit ANY BUTTONS, while I figure out why the instruments are not working!)  PS.  9 times out of 10 they were not working because Wolf kicked the wire out without me realizing.  (Mental Note: First trouble shoot is ALWAYS, is this thing PLUGGED IN!?!?!).  In his defense, he was playing at an “elevation” I never thought possible before that night and he’s cute as a button when he’s crooning with the MRS!  See Below. See you all next time and hopefully some of the folks we sorely missed this time will join us!

7 thoughts on “Rocking Part 2!

  1. It should be noted that I provided security for the playaz. None were harassed by the adoring fans clamoring to get in. Or maybe that was just the neighbors wailing from broken eardrums and saddened by the abortion their favorite songs had become!

  2. Last time it was reversed, bob in the bg on drums! And I am WAY too good looking to never be in them!

    Think it’s time to retire the drums? Be an 80’s synth band that the computer plays the drums for us?

    Does anyone love them when we don’t play at S & G’s? I know SY does, but he is an actual drummer…

  3. Retrire the drums?!! Never. I was just starting to kick ass on them. We just have to teach the Supremes how to play ’em 😉

    Great pics… but feel free to burn photos 6 and 7. I look like an unshaven 45 year old.

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